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Bagpipes & Accessories:-

Bagpipe Sets, Pipe Chanters, Practice Chanters, Bagpipe Covers, Bagpipe Cords, Bagpipe Reeds, Bombard Chanter, Carrying Case, Accessories, etc.

Drum and Accessories:-

Drum Sling, Drum skin, Drum Stick, Accessories, etc.

Sporran and Accessories:-

Rabbit Fur Sporran, Leather Day Sporran, Semi Dress Sporran, Long Hair Sporran, Accessories, etc.

Weapon and Accessories:-

Scottish Dirk, Skean Dhu/Sgian Dubh, etc.

Uniform and Accessories:-

Traditional Kilt, Tartan Plaid, Ladies Kilt, Ladies Scarf, Dog Outfit, Plaid Brooch, Waist Belt, Cross Belt, Belt with Pouch, Belt Buckles, Kilt Pins, Gauntlet Gloves, Dress Cord, Lanyard Whistle Cord, Aiguillette Dress Cord, Doublet and Tunic Jacket, Argyle/Argyll Jacket, Prince Charlie Jacket, Pipe Band Doublet, Doublet Shoulder, Pipe Band Shirts, Bow Ties, Tartan Ties, Jacket Button, etc.

Vest and Waist Coat:-

Argyle/Argyll Waistcoat, Prince Charlie Waistcoat, Jacobite Waistcoat, Highland Dancing Vest, etc.

Mace and Stick:-

Mace Stick, Pace Stick, Officer Stick, Mace Head, etc.

Baldric and Sashes:-

Baldric Sashes, Wool Sashes, etc.


Balmoral Hats, Baseball Caps, Canadian Hats, Caubeens Hats, Glengarry Hats, Feather Hackles, Flat & Quarter Caps, etc.


Flashes, Hose & Socks, Ghillie Brogues, Spats & Gaiters, Dancer & Shoes, etc.

Wind Instruments:-

Horn, Flute, Bugle, Shahni, Bombard, Hunting Horn, Accessories, etc.

Education Instruments:-

Guiro, Claves, Triangle, Maracas, Castanet, Hand Bell, Agogo Bell, Wood Block, Monkey Drum, etc.

Percussion Instruments:-

Bodhran, Carrying Case, Bodhran Beater, Tambourine & Headless, etc.

Hand Embroidery Flags:-

Pipe Banner, WW1 German Flag, WW2 German Flag, Spanish Civil War Flag, Ceremonial Flag Full size, Ceremonial Flag Table size, etc.

Overseas Military and Civilians:-

Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Barbados, Brunei, Canada, Germany, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Seychelles, Swaziland, Trinidad and Tobago, UAE, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Other Countries, etc.

Civilians Badges:-

Civilian Lace, Police Badges, Merchant Navy, Civilian Badges, Civilian Shoulder Cords, Lord Lieutenant & Deputy Lord Lieutenant, etc.

Blazer Badges:-

Drum Badges, Bagpipe Badges, Pipe Major Badges, Drum Major Badges, Kings Crown Badges, Major Stripes Badges, Queens Crown Badges, Lance Corporal Badges, Corporal Stripes Badges, Sergeant Stripes Badges, etc.

Metal Badges:-

Cap Badge, Gurkha Badge, Masonic Badge, Firefighter Badge, Black Watch Badge, etc.


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