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BAGPIPES >> Miniature Bagpipe
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Miniature Bagpipe
Miniature Bagpipe
ART : GPC-M/01

 Miniature Sheesham Bagpipe Red Tartan Cover BAGART. Sheesham with a fully functional chanter and drones, and a Rexine bag with a Royal Stewart Tartan covering. Known as Parlor Pipes, for inside playing. This Bagpipe set has a Rexine bag. Rexine is a soft, synthetic, material designed to be air tight and to feel like high quality suede. The Rexine bag features a contoured goose neck for better airflow. Unlike the natural leather bag, the Rexine bag requires no breaking in period, and no seasoning. We think all pipers will appreciate the design, the texture and the lighter weight of this set with its Rexine bag. Includes 2 plastic chanter reeds, 2 sets of drone reeds, and hemp. Approximately 27" x 18".


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